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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to Earn Money from a Free Blog Without Own Domain Name.


I saw many people asking this question. How to monetize a free blog from google blogger or WordPress or any free blog hosting platform available. Most of the free blogging platform doesn't allow to put an advertisement on it. So, it is difficult to monetize them. Because the main way as a newbie we know to monetize a blog is putting an advertisement on it.

This is the main reason I tell many new bloggers to start their blog on blogger, Google's free blogging platform. You can monetize your blog by putting advertisement from third party advertisement platforms. And, also blogger is a good way to get an Adsense account fast. Adsense is google own advertising network for publishers and the best one. But there are some requirements before you can get approved for an Adsense account. If you are using blogger as a blogging platform you can apply for different advertising platform to monetize your blog.

What if you are not using blogger for your blogging platform? If you are using another free blogging platform that doesn't allow putting an advertisement on free option. Don't worry, still, there are many options available to monetize your blog. I am here to guide you in this. You can monetize your blog using Affiliate marketing and CPA offers. You can also sell your own product on your blog to earn money. All you need is traffic to earn from your blog. 

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. No matter whether you are using free or paid blogging platform. Still, affiliate marketing is best to earn the best money. If you take a look at earnings reports of some top-ranked Blog. you will notice that the earning from affiliate marketing is always bigger the amount they got through advertisements on their blog. Choose a good affiliate product that best suits your blogging niche and starts promoting it on your best blog posts to see the result. People always love to learn new things. Everybody tends to invest some money if they can gather some new knowledge. Something beyond others.

You got your own product to sell, then there is no better option then blogging about it. Through blogging, you can discuss the features of your product. You can tell people why they should buy your product writing a post on it. You can describe the best qualities of your product widely. Write some good post about your product. Also, you can hire a freelancer to write a good post if you think you are unable to describe the best.

CPA is an option where you will get paid for the actions your visitor performs. People are trying to find ways to promote CPA offers. You can do it using your blog. To earn using CPA networks, most of the time you don't need your own website. You can perform promoting on social media, youtube or by email marketing. But using a blog of a lot of viewers is a very best option to promote CPA offers. Choose the CPA offer from the network that best suits your niche and starts promoting it using your post.

Blogging is the key to getting lots of referral. You are joining an online earning site that pays the user for referring friends. Create some blog post about the site, like the site review, earning methods of the site, why people should join the site. And, put your referral link in the post. This way you will earn referrals while helping people by telling about the site.

If you share a lot of links on your blogs. Then use link shortening sites that pay the user for shortening links and sharing. When people visit the link you will get paid.

These are some ways by which you can monetize your blog to get fast cash. You can apply these options to any blogs paid or free. You can also use these steps on blogs you are monetizing using advertisement networks. You can comment below for any questions or suggestions which will be welcome by me. To get new online earning ideas in your emails, you can subscribe to our newsletter.
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