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Friday, 2 February 2018

Earn Money Using Link Shortening Site

So, you tried many methods to earn online, but not successful yet. Don't worry, I am here sharing many ways to earning money online on this blog. Choose the one that suits your skill or expertise. In this article, I am sharing my knowledge on earning money online using link shortening sites that pay. You can navigate my blog to find other ways which I update on regular basis to help newbies to earn online. Also, you can subscribe my blog for daily new updates and online money making methods.

Link shortening sites are a good way to earn some easy money online. All you have to do is to shorten your website link, or any other website link and share the link with people. The task is easy as I mentioned. I am here sharing some ways through which you can earn some good revenue online sharing links.

First of all, you should find a legit link shortening site. And, also good paying one. You can choose the higher paying option to monetize your traffic.

Most of the link shortening sites pay $1 to $10 for every 1000 visitor that visits your link. So, if you can share the link to 10000 people per day who will visit the link, then you can earn daily $10 to $100. The paying amount depends on the geographical location of the visitor. For the US traffics the pay rate is high, while for the visitor from a country like Kenya has low pay rate.

Because of the scams and spammers around the web, it is getting hard to share shortening links on social networks. But, earning from link shortening method is not dead. You can use different methods to earn using link shortening sites.

Here are some tutorials how can you earn money online shortening and sharing links.

The most important thing of every method to earn money online, You need to work hard. And the reason behind most of the failure is lack of patience. Yes, patience is the key to success for online money earning journey. I failed many times on many methods due to the lack of patience. That is the reason I am telling you that you should keep patience to earn money online.

There is only one way to earn money overnight and that is by doing illegal work. But I don't prefer that and also suggest you not to try that one. Here you can find almost all ways to earn money online. So, stays connected and read the posts completely and use your own twist to make it more useful for you.

You can comment below on your questions and suggestions which mostly appreciate.

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