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Monday, 23 November 2015

How to address interested masses through facebook

Why Facebook is the right choice?Among all thesocial networking sites,facebookis the first and the foremost choice of any online person who wants to boost hisbusinessin a very limited amount of time and with lots of options available.Facebookis the bestsocial communitythat is well aware of no people limits. Fromgrandparentstoteenagers,facebookranks the top position and it is one of the most important and reliable of all thesocial networking sites. It attracts users of all ages. A recent study found thatU.S.adults who use social networking sites, around ninety six percent of them rely uponfacebook..Hard and fast rules that will bring huge traffic to your businessThere are some quick fixes that bring the targeted audiences to your business:1.You should have some quality content about your products or services in the form of blog orwebsite. The websites with domains usually bring more traffic than those of free ones.2.Make sure that you already have written at least some sufficient pages or posts .3.Design a facebook fan page and select a proper category.4.Take care when using cover and logo photos because if you want to advertise through facebook, they can disapprove your page due to lots of texts. The cover and the logo should be some kind of self-explanatory picture that speaks by itself rather than by words.5.Include your email, proper address of the business and contact in your page. You must have to include your website.6.The free way to get the targeted audiences is to join the groups that belong to the same interests. Facebook groups usually have thousands of people belonging to the same interest. Like facebook pages as well.7.Share your posts there and keep one thing inmind that some administrators of the groups or pages will block you if you directly market your own page.8.Do not post faster or many posts on the same page or group because it will be considered as a spam. Keep at least 6 seconds difference between each post.9.Easily remember the groups by keeping their records in the form of their emails.Let‘s say that you have joined a group which has a url such as now the rightmost unique number or name is their email identifier. What you have to do is to record this number in the following format your facebook email address, you canshare posts with ease by sharing your link to the groups you have joined. For example; your facebook email is a new message and write the subject of the post, attach a link and photo if you want and write some highlighting text about the post and simple send.12.The paid method of facebook enables its users to bring the targeted audiences automatically to their pages and it is very easier to configure. Just click the promote the page drop down at the right side of the page and select the method. You can also invite your friends for free.13. The more friends of the same interest you have, the more likely are the chances that you get auto suggestions about some other groups that suit you14. Uploading some great pictures and taggingyour friends or pages on them also refreshes your activity and prominence. Keep changing the cover and logo but not veryfrequent15.So here my friend, go on and bring some good news to me

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