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Saturday, 27 December 2014

What is your big dream?

Where are you going in life? What excites and challenges you? What really is your "Big Dream?"
Too often we "try" things, we are interested in a dozen projects and have an impossible list of things "to do", but we seem unclear about who we are and where we are going in life.
Many of the high achieving professionals are unclear about what to do with their lives.
In large part, we are confused between "success" and "happiness". Success is a game played on the "outside". And people who do not necessarily have your best interests at heart decide the rules and the winners. It is a game that is tough to win and the victories are temporary.
Happiness is an "inside" game. Happiness comes from the heart and the one person who ALWAYS puts your interests first sets the rules. Happiness is about fulfillment, satisfaction, meaning and purpose.
Happiness is about what you give, what you build, and the difference you make. Success is about what you get and what you keep after taxes.
Happiness lasts, while success may last only until someone younger, stronger, smarter or richer comes along. In the pursuit of happiness you get to set the rules, you get to determine the winner and you get to keep the prize.
Now, I love competing and I love to win. I love setting and achieving goals and I love working with highly successful people. Particularly in the short run, success often brings great happiness but the two are not the same.
Success is about recognition from others; happiness is about peace with you. Success is about getting; happiness is about giving. Success is temporary; happiness lasts in the hearts and memories of others.
So, what makes you happy? What brings you joy? What challenge or dream calls you? What are you doing with your one and only magnificent life?
Every human life is unique and we are born to achieve great things. We are born to live gracefully, to learn and grow, to make mistakes, to fall and to get up again.
What is your dream? Define and clarify it. Write it down and proclaim it to the world. Live your dream. Let the whole world see your dream! Let the world cheer and be surprised by the power of your dream.
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