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Monday, 12 February 2018

Best GPT/PTC Site to Earn Money Online

In my Previous post, I wrote a little about earning money online using GPT site. If you didn't read it you can read is by clicking above link. Today I am going to share some best GPT site list. They are Trusted GPT sites and also easy to earn.

Finding best sites as a newbie is the hardest part. The Internet is full of scam, with little legit options. I will also provide reviews of a site which you can read in the review section of this blog.

Below is the list of best GPT sites. I update this regularly to help you find the best of now.

1. Neobux

The no.1 site that is still paying. The site is popular because it pays the highest amount per ad click. There are many different ad clicking options. Some ads pays $.01, some $.001. You can also earn completing an offer from offer wall, playing a game. You can update your membership to earn more. You can earn referring your friends and can rent referral. The lowest withdrawal limit is $2 and you can withdraw using Payza.

2. Clixsense

Clixsense is also a global GPT site where you can earn money completing surveys, offers, little tasks. And, referring a friend. For every $50 worth of task, they will give you $5 as a bonus. You can withdraw the amount when you reach the lowest payout limit and it is easy. Below is a picture of their payment methods and lowest payout limit.

3. Ayuwage

Ayuwage pays its user for same simple tasks as the sites I mentioned above. They have also different methods which you will find fun. You will get paid for visiting site, searching and visiting a site, signing up for a site, taking surveys and so on. You will earn Ayuwage credit for completing these tasks. You can convert those credit to Gift cards or PayPal dollar by visiting the reward section. Also, you have the option to rent referral and sending own referral.

4. PaidToClick

PaidToClick is a site with lowest withdrawal limit. You can withdraw $.01 using PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money or use Bitcoin wallet. The earning amount is low using this site, you have to click the higher amount of ads compared to other sites to reach the amount. They also have a Paid to Promote option. You will get a unique referral link. For every unique visit to your referral link, they will pay you some cent.

I am updating this post regularly to bring you the best GPT sites to earn money. You can subscribe this site to get updates on your email. And can keep visiting to get the latest ways and sites to earn money online.

If you know any other site that pays well and legit, you are most welcome to post it in the comment section below.
Best GPT/PTC Site to Earn Money Online Reviewed by CarseNoodle on 05:48:00 Rating: 5 In my Previous post, I wrote a little about earning money online using GPT site. If you didn't read it you can read is by clickin...

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