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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Social Media Marketing

The ways some of the top social networks and how a marketer should utilize them to get results they want.

The professional network: LinkedIn

One of the places a social media marketer should start looking into first should be LinkedIn. As a network that is designed for business professionals, it is a prime place to generate B2B leads from. As far as teleprospecting goes, many marketers have themselves said that LinkedIn has been a great source of leads for them and that their lead generation telemarketing campaigns have gone surprisingly well after they had connected with them through said social network. Since LinkedIn is a place for business professionals, a marketer can stick to the old business lingo and keep their business persona on.

G+ stands for Google Plus

Ever since Google+ launched their business pages in 2011, a lot of businesses have flocked to the site in hopes of snagging some more clients. However, as we all know, Google is a giant battleground. If we’re talking about SEO, then you can guess as to what extent businesses go just to rank higher on SERPs. And with Google being the search engine giant that it is, it’s going to be a grueling battle between SEO specialists. That being said, Google+ is a giant search engine optimizer. In other words, G+ isn’t just a place to market your business, it’s also a place as to where your SEO efforts matter.

Pin it on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just a giant pin board for beautiful images. It’s a giant pin board for beautiful images THAT YOUR BUSINESS CAN MAKE USE OF. Do you have an ace group of graphic designers stashed away in the basement of your office? Well then, go and pull them out of that room and get them working on infographics you can post on Pinterest. Image SEO is one thing that’s slowly catching on, so you should make use of it before it becomes a full blown and well-known marketing tactic. Want your infographics to pop up more on Google image searches? Well then, combine your use of Pinterest with image SEO tactics! Remember though, don’t just stick to business-related infographics and images. Be diverse and just keep on sharing.

The big blue F… Facebook

Now, this is where a lot of marketers seem to go wrong. When on Facebook, it’s important to remember that Facebook is the epitome of what social networks are. Thus, when of Facebook, conducting yourself like a business stiff isn’t exactly the way to go. You need to be social as a person, and as a company. So, what is Facebook to a social media marketer? Well, you’re going to have to find that out for yourself since the crowd you’re marketing will always be different. So be social on Facebook, and less business-like because promoting your products and services like the world’s lifespan depended on it is surely not going to do you any good. Well, on LinkedIn perhaps, but on Facebook,
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